White is a series constructed around the color white. Is white just absence of color or the garment of disguise for the perishable, the grotesque as well as the beautiful?

Caged Virgin is refreshed with each art-show. When the show is over, the piece is left outside until the next show, when fresh eggs are placed again in the crates. The eggs are sustained by the tip of the nails alone, suggesting the precarious, fragile existence in an unfriendly, bizarre Universe.

Sugar Coated suggests how deceiving appearances can be: the sugar covers the shoe, which covers the skin which covers the muscles which cover the bones. In a way this is a discourse about the deconstruction of beauty.

Whenever possible, I try to add an interactive element allowing the viewer to be engaged and become a part of the art object. Hidden Beauty is a 3-foot tall, tree-shaped, PVC-pipe construction built on a plaster base riddled with bores. Only one of these leads inside the hollow PVC tree adorned with bright, colorful, lightweight trinkets. This structure can be accessed by using a borescope.