The Three Graces

Rotterdam, 2013

I created the three hats around the theme of the three Graces, source of inspiration for artists throughout centuries, goddesses of charm, beauty, human creativity and fertility. It is also an ode to the feminine essence, the eternal feminine, from the exuberant young to self-confident mature to joyful fulfilled elderly. Aglaea symbolized beauty, splendor, glory and acted as a messenger for the goddess of love; LOVE that makes the world turn round. Her youth is suggested by pastel colors and a flamboyant construction of the hat, reminiscent of the feminine reproductive anatomy. Thalia's name means "blooming". The hat is a bouquet of flowers, rich, plentiful, luxuriant and abundant, in well defined red and purple colors. Sensing the motion in front of the piece, one flower starts... blooming. Euphrosyne is the incarnation of joy, mirth, glee, hilarity, merriment and joviality... La joie de vivre! This hat is constructed in the likeness of a "merry- go-round" with "Dutch Charms" hanging at its borders. Paradoxically, it is not very colorful; the intention is to suggest the entire chromatic spectrum between black and white.

Photography by Dan Meyers