Long Years After
(Amintiri din copilarie)

I have a little red photo album dating back in the 60s; there are maybe 30 pictures in it covering my childhood back in Romania. I go back to this treasure often, cherish it deeply and become tearful every time.

I decided to give those pictures a new life by using them as the inspiration for a series of paintings called Long Years After, or Amintiri din copilarie (Memories of my childhood). The task was harder than I thought, but it took me Home… But Home, as a temporal space, is difficult to travel to, as we are obedient slaves of the merciless arrow of time; it is here where the artist can transcend the laws of physics, travel back and create anew what it once was.

Long Years After reflects childhood characters and events, frozen in time. They mysteriously morph over time, like dreams do, changing their meaning and flavor as I grow older.